700R4 & 200R4 Lockup Kit

The 700R4 is a popular choice for a hot rod transmission. Two benefits of the swap are the availability to add overdrive and a lockup torque converter to your vintage ride.

A common hurdle in completing the upgrade involves finding a way to control torque converter lockup for highway cruising. Vehicles originally equipped with a 700R4 would have accomplished this via computer control, but that approach is a little involved…. especially when it can be easily avoided with our 700R4 and 200R4 lockup kit!

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 12.26.39 PM

Many more complicated kits rely on a vacuum switch or internal modifications to control lockup. Ours provides a switch for the 4th gear pressure port to engage the converter clutch. No need to drop the transmission pan for installation, change transmission internals or rely on vacuum.

Since the kit requires you to have a 4th gear port to function, it’s important to verify your particular 700R4 has a threaded port on the passenger side of the transmission. If it does not, it’s possible to drill and thread the port to accept a switch.

Once installed, a few quick wiring connections will have you cruising efficiently in no time!