AAW…on the road again

I recently had a thought somewhere around Kansas.

More specifically, I had a thought at 33,000 feet while traveling due west at roughly 570 miles per hour in the airspace above Kansas. And it’s more accurate to call this one a jolt of perspective than a thought.

This isn’t going to be a post about the airport, delays or inadequate in-flight entertainment….it’s more of a much overdue thank you note.

My jolt occurred when I realized what I was doing. I was traveling to California to visit a number of dealers and attend a car show. It’s fair to call the planning, reporting and coordinated employee efforts needed to create the trip “work.”

It’s not fair to use that word to describe the time spent visiting supportive, friendly people at restoration shops, nor is it an accurate description of what it feels like talking to car enthusiasts while surrounded by beautiful cars in even more beautiful weather. My recent trip to Tennessee didn’t feature quite the same outdoor conditions, but was no less enjoyable.

It is refreshing to see the look of enthusiasm that can come from wiring. Yup, colorful strands of coated copper that (hopefully) sit in perfect silence once installed. They can be exciting. Mostly because your car can’t run without them.

 Most people don’t get excited by the idea of wiring, but they do get excited when some of the mystery is removed and they see how easy it can be.

So here goes:

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and see us during our travels, and for the kind words about our products and tech support. Thank you for asking questions and providing feedback. Most importantly, thank you for allowing all of us at AAW to continue working in an industry that allows us continually learn and help others with an important part of their life.

See you at the next show!