Ammeter = BAD, Voltmeter = GOOD

Did you know Salvador Dali had his own line of automotive gauges?

Our friends at Classic Instruments recently posted this on their Facebook page. The post states it was a part supplied by a customer for a rebuild, but the photo is a great example of why we don’t support ammeters with our Classic Update or universal harnesses.

Ammeters monitor the electrical system by measuring the charge/discharge between the battery and alternator. This means they must be hooked up in series with that circuit, and may be unfused. Since the most useful gauges are installed in locations where they are visible, this requires you to run two battery leads directly into the passenger compartment of your car.

This kind of circuit, combined with a gauge designed to handle much less than the 80 to 100 amp output of a modern alternator, can be a recipe for disaster. Customers that have installed our kits may recall the warning page in our instruction sheets recommends ditching the ammeter in favor of a voltmeter. Don’t let your project go up in smoke for the sake of a gauge!