Can my fuse box be reused?

Our last blog entry covered basic information regarding the handful of harnesses that require AAW to use a customer’s original fuse box to build a Factory Fit dash harness. This time, we’ll detail a few points to help you determine if you have a good candidate for rebuild. There are a few common sense rules to keep in mind:

  • The printing on the face of the panel should be in good shape. It can be faded, but ideally it will be legible.

  • The fuse box should not have any significant chips or gouges in the material. A break or crack in the box could result in a harness being denied. If a you can see damage, it’s a good idea to contact the sales department so you can send a photo of your panel. We may be able to save you the time and cost of shipping if we can determine the panel unusable via email.

  • Is the box original to the car? If it’s a donor, we will want to verify that it is a correct match for the new dash harness. If you must use a donor from a different car, it’s always best to make sure it’s the same model year and option package.

  • Be aware of all wiring that plugs into the face of the fuse box. GM often used the available power taps in the face of the panel to provide 12 volts to options ranging from tachometers to power windows. These harnesses were never part of the dash, and will not be included in the dash harness. If you’re in the process of ordering a complete harness, you’ll want to make sure to replace the options as well.

We take pride in our harnesses, so we don’t want to risk any damage or potential issues rebuilding a fuse box that’s past its prime. Sometimes a thorough inspection is really what’s needed to be sure, but the list above can go a long way toward eliminating some of the potential troublemakers.