New Product Releases!

January 8, 2016

2015 was a busy year at American Autowire. The end of the year was specifically prolific for the R&D department. We’ve released a number of new harnesses, some of which are a bit atypical in the wiring world. Be sure to check out the product page on our web site for more detailed information: ... [ read more ]

Technical Videos

December 11, 2015

Did you know we maintain an active YouTube page with a variety of useful installation tips? We do! And we also have a great resource for new video material and suggestions for our channel. You! Self-improvement is a big sticking point around here, so if there are items we can add to... [ read more ]

Trivia Time!

December 4, 2015

Trivia Time again! More specifically, rear body wiring harness trivia time. Most specifically, rear body wiring for the first generation Camaro. So why does the RS need a different part number for the rear body harness? A keen-eyed observer can likely spot the difference between the two ... [ read more ]

SEMA 2015

November 13, 2015

American Autowire approaches the SEMA Show differently than some of the other attendees. We bring a big crew, and spend a lot of time scouring the show for items we can use to improve our products and ourselves. We also enjoy the opportunity to meet our dealers and end users face to face. In ... [ read more ]

How do I know if my wiring system is from American Autowire?

October 30, 2015

Maybe you just purchased a car that was rewired with one of our kits. Or, like most car enthusiasts, you have a project that has been in the works for years. Either way, we don’t put a time limit for Q&A on our harnesses. In the cases above, we’ll always want to identify what has been ... [ read more ]

SEMA is coming!

October 9, 2015

The 2015 SEMA show is coming, and the impending deadline is currently very evident in the AAW shop. We’ll soon be shipping our supplies for the 2,500 mile journey from Bellmawr, NJ to booth 24091 in the Las Vegas Convention Center. This year we’ll be bringing our shiny new 2015 - 2016 Cus... [ read more ]

Terminals 101

October 2, 2015

Your car’s electrical system is a jungle of wires, junctions and connectors. As in any jungle, each animal in your electrical wilderness is unique. They all have their own role in the food chain, and possess unique characteristics to make them successful. Below is a spotter’s guide for the m... [ read more ]

Hold onto your invoice!

September 25, 2015

Sometimes life (or the body shop) gets in the way. Building three different product lines is great. Our adaptable offerings give customers the convenience of choice, but the downside is that the diversity can make for a challenging situation. If a significant amount of time passes between when yo... [ read more ]

Mopar A Body Kit…Coming Soon!

September 18, 2015

We’ve done quite a few trade shows since December 2011. That may seem like a fairly random observation, but the date is significant for a reason. December 2011 was the official release of our E Body Mopar kit. Since that date, (And prior, really.) we have also received a lot of phone calls and ... [ read more ]

Importance of the turn signal switch

August 28, 2015

Your turn signal switch does a lot more than advertised. In fact, you could even say it’s critical in making sure your car is safe to drive on the street. In addition to the park/turn/tail lamp signals, the switch controls your brake lights, (After all, one of them needs to flash while the ... [ read more ] ◄ Prev Next ►