Figuring out our Factory Fit product line

It’s no secret our Factory Fit catalog is extensive. If you’ve ever taken a moment to flip through, (be it digitally or with the old fashioned paper version) you’ll notice a common theme for each vehicle we cover. That theme is options.

At first glance, this can make the book a little daunting. Especially if you’re only trying to source one part number. There are a few simple tips we can offer to make the search for a specific harness a little easier:

– Remember your alphabet.

The catalog is arranged in alphabetical order by vehicle and option. Once you’d found the correct section, it’s a matter of narrowing the choices to your specific year.

– Keep reading.

You’ll see many years have multiple listings based on available options. In the case of engine or front light parts, we may be able to build a harness to accommodate HEI or an internally regulated alternator. It is a good practice to skim through the full list for your year to make sure you don’t overlook an option.

– Don’t see what you need? Give us a call!

It’s possible the section you’re searching for may be included in a larger harness. For example, some vehicles have a standalone fuel tank sender harness. Others may incorporate that section into an intermediate or rear body light harness.

The catalog does contain a somewhat intimidating amount of information, but that’s the level of attention required to build a plug and play original part. If the choices appear overwhelming at first, you’ll likely find things become much more clear as you begin to focus on your year and options. Taking a few minutes to explore the catalog first can go a long way toward a smooth install when the parts arrive!