Hi-Torque Starter Bypass Wire

One-post, hi-torque or mini starter? HEI/aftermarket 12-volt ignition? Original wiring and ignition switch? 1968 and older?

If wired incorrectly, this can result in a crank but no-start situation. Or worse… it can engage the starter while the engine is already running.

If you answered “yes” to all four questions, (the fourth one only applies to the car…your age doesn’t matter) you may find yourself in need of a hi-torque starter bypass wire.

Our bypass wire installs on the starter “S” terminal, and allows the starter to receive 12 volts while cranking. The built in diode only allows current to flow one way, so you can keep your modern 12-volt ignition happy, but also keep your original switch….no relay or additional parts required!