Hold onto your invoice!

Sometimes life (or the body shop) gets in the way.

Building three different product lines is great. Our adaptable offerings give customers the convenience of choice, but the downside is that the diversity can make for a challenging situation. If a significant amount of time passes between when you ordered your harness and you actually perform the install, it can be tough to figure out what you’re looking at.

The invoices below are both actual orders from AAW customers. Names have been removed to protect the innocent.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 3.46.19 PM

In fact, both orders are for the same car; a ‘69 Camaro.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 3.46.32 PM

Either order will result in the customer receiving all the harnesses required to replace the wiring in a 1969 Camaro. We already have a tutorial in place to help you choose between the two options, but an important thing to consider when calling for tech support is which type of harness you purchased. This makes hanging on to the invoice for your wiring harness as important as keeping track of the specification card that shipped with your camshaft.

We can help get you sorted either way, but answers to installation or troubleshooting questions may change quite a bit. Knowing what you have on hand can make a Q&A or tech session quick and easy.

It helps to be the guy or gal that hangs on to parts receipts!