Horn Relays

You might not live in the Northeast like us at AAW, (We tend to be vocal drivers around here) but odds are you’re going to need to use the horn in your car sooner or later.

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 5.27.59 PM

If you’re installing our Factory Fit OE-restoration harnesses, you’re definitely going to need the relay. In addition to reducing load on the electrical system when the horn is sounding, a factory GM electrical system uses the horn relay as a battery and charging system junction. This means in many cases, (particularly for earlier vehicles in our catalog) the horn relay is what supplies power to the fuse panel inside of the car.

When swapping your original wiring with Factory Fit parts, replacing the relay or cleaning the contacts on your engine compartment-mounted horn relay (I.E. any mid 70’s or earlier vehicle, depending on model) should be part of the job as well.