How it all started…

The company that would become American Autowire started as part of a trend that is fairly common in the automotive world…. a couple of guys took something that worked very well, and changed it completely.

This series of part numbers started it all:

Before we made Classic Update kits or Custom/Street Rod harnesses, we made (And still make!) GM original replacement wiring. Before we made GM original replacement wiring, we made a pretty limited line of Camaro console conversion harnesses.

The conversion harnesses listed above provide the feeds and instructions required to install factory console gauges in a Camaro that originally came with warning lights. Before these parts were created, the only clean way to to do this would have been to replace the dash, engine and front light harnesses. With the conversion, and an original console harness, (We make these as well.) you’re up and running.

Michael and Frank eventually began to explore the rest of the harnesses that make up a Camaro electrical system. This moved into the rest of the GM catalog, and finally the world of modified harnesses that make up our Classic Update and Street Rod catalog.

We still offer the original conversion harnesses as part of our Factory Fit line, and are constantly expanding the available Custom and Modified harnesses. Have a suggestion for the next kit? Don’t be shy!