Info on the Classic Update Series fuse panel

Your Classic Update fuse panel may be hiding something from you. If you’ve installed one of our kits, you’re already aware the fuse box comes with quite a few more additional circuits than an equivalent original harness.

What many people don’t know is that the fuse box included in most of our Classic Updates has even more room for expansion than it first appears. All kits utilizing a GM-style fuse box have extra accessory, ignition and battery feeds quietly waiting to power your extra accessories. Our 500429 connector and terminal kit will allow you to plug right into the face of the panel, and supply 12-volt power to the component of your choice.

Each kit includes 11 taps with push-in terminals designed to snap directly into the face of your fusebox.

Unlike the feeds supplied by the pre-built dash accessory plugs, the auxiliary fuse panel feeds are unfused. It’s always a good idea to add an in-line fuse with an appropriate rating.