Meet, “Secret Weapon”, Tom Jettie!

Meet Tom. He usually works at a remotely out of an office in Michigan, but every so often we invite him to NJ to make a mess on the shop floor.

Every time we extend the invitation, he inevitably shows up with a gleam in his eye and a fistful of tools. We don’t mind when Tom makes a mess, because it’s usually a sign something new and exciting is on the way.

Tom also uses these occasional NJ trips to check in with the rest of the R&D team. The face to face interaction allows us to actively brainstorm our top secret wiring projects, and once the team has finished installing the kit prototype we’re almost ready to add the final product to our catalog.

After the test installation is finished, we return the guinea pig vehicle (complete with the new wiring) to its rightful owner. At this point, final design tweaks are made and we’re just about ready for production.

Expect to see this top secret project in the flesh soon!