I’ve never been great at math, but I can count rather well. Maybe even at an above average level. Odds, evens or standard numerical order…I’ve done it all. It’s that sense of confidence that led me to volunteer for our regular inventory check one sunny South Jersey morning. Part of the inventory process must mean catching the harnesses while they are sleeping, because my workday suddenly began three-quarters of an hour earlier than normal.

The sales team at American Autowire typically lives and works in a corner of the building that operates in relative seclusion from the manufacturing and shipping departments. The door is always open, but we sometimes forget what goes on out there in order to keep the harnesses flowing in an organized way.

It’s nice to gain perspective on other parts of the building, and it was a great reminder of just how many different things we can build.

Our Factory Fit line consists of over 10,000 unique part numbers, while the modified restoration/street rod line has around 500 parts. We may sell some of these once annually, while others fit 10 different cars and top triple digit figures. That’s where the counting comes in.

Keeping an accurate inventory helps the manufacturing team figure out how much we need to build of each part, as well as how frequently it needs to be made. This all works toward one common goal; less wait time for our customers.

We work to keep as much available inventory on the shelf as possible, but it’s a delicate task to keep as many of the fast moving parts as possible on hand, while still balancing production time and available space for less frequent sellers. Maybe that’s why our production and shipping team wake up so early….