Plan ahead…don’t forget the tools!

I won’t go into all the basic information for them here, (We’ve done that one!) but since our crimpers seem to spend more time in airplanes than Howard Hughes, this week’s topic is worth mentioning.

We receive a pretty healthy number of next, second and third day air shipping requests for crimpers. This is not a problem…we’re more than happy to send them out as required, but some extra notice on the topic may help save our customers cash on shipping costs. Little things like that add up if you’re restoring an entire vehicle!

As we mentioned in a recent entry, proper planning goes a long way toward a smooth build, and getting your electrical affairs in order early is a great move.

We fully understand that a majority of car enthusiasts do not love wiring. Love it or loath it, your car needs at least a little in order to run. Fortunately, many hobbyists determine their need and purchase a new harness well in advance of the actual wiring phase.

What does this have to do with crimp tool shipping?

At times, it means a customer has a harness and is ready to go, but does not have access to the tools needed to finish the install. They may come to this realization after opening their kit, or while working through the install with a few friends on a sunny Sunday afternoon. They’ve started, want to finish, and choose to ship their new tools accordingly!

The moral of the story is that it’s also never too early to consider a quality set of crimpers to compliment your harness. Don’t let your planning get in the way of the final job!