Pop Quiz! (’68 Camaro)

Pop quiz!


What color is the oil pressure sending unit wire in a 1968 Camaro with console gauges?

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 3.35.31 PM


This is a trick question, and may have caused some of you to scream at your computer monitor. If so, I apologize.

For those that don’t know, early oil pressure gauges relied on a capillary tube-style connection from the engine. The gauge was mechanical, and does not rely on an electrical signal from a sending unit. Instead, pressurized engine oil is fed via a hard line to the back of the gauge. The only electrical connection required for this type of gauge is for lighting.

This means you won’t see oil pressure sending unit wires in our Factory Fit harnesses, (Unless GM built them that way. Also, Classic Update kits do support electronic senders.) so aftermarket additions may require modification for non-factory gauge connections.