The AAW exploratory team has captured a photo of an elusive animal in the wild.

After years of hunting, we’ve located a well-worn section of  the GM A & B body ribbon cable!

These seemingly simple lengths of flattened conductor require special care if you’re in the middle of a factory restoration.

Granted, they don’t start the engine or regulate your charging system, but they are critical in getting power to sections of the car.

A & B body owners will find them under their carpet… kind of like a subterranean electrical flatworm. This particular flatworm can be responsible for getting power to everything from your tail lights, to power windows to a convertible top motor.

Ribbon cables are elusive because AAW cannot build them. A close inspection shows they do not use a traditional (top right) male and female terminal. Instead, the individual metal “cable” ends (top left) are what plug into the the mating connector on your under dash or rear body harness.

In addition to the strange “lack of terminal” situation, the tooling needed to make the original ribbon cable connector has been lost. Despite our best efforts (and numerous safari expeditions led by company president Michael Manning in 1995 and 1996) to locate the GM molds, their location continues to be a mystery.

Our Classic Update kits replace the ribbon cable with a more standard male/female disconnect, but projects calling for more of a true factory restoration must reuse their original cable with AAW Factory Fit harnesses.