Classic Update Kit - 1962-74 Volkswagen Beetle

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Classic Update Kit - 1962-74 Volkswagen Beetle


Item Number: 510419

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  • NEW compact ATO-Style fuse panel that is designed to be mounted in the same area as the original fuse panel. The fuse panel and wire connections are labeled to identify all circuits by description and their respective fuse ratings. All high amperage output circuits incorporate the same superior spring steel reinforced terminals that are used in our Highway Series kits.

  • Circuit wiring uses superior insulation wire, color coded and printed at 3 inch intervals with a circuit description.  Circuits not using printed wire adhere to the original VW wire color code and stripe. All instruction sheets call out the wire function, printed circuit description, and wire gauge.

  • Standard turn signal flasher, hazard flasher, and horn relay mounted on main fuse panel.

  • Complete instructions on the direct connections to original Volkswagen switches such as the headlight, headlight dimmer, ignition, wiper, emergency flasher, courtesy light and turn signal. The kit is designed around currently available original or replacement switches.

  • Headlight dimmer circuits are designed for either floor dimmer or turn signal stalk headlight dimming. Connections to floor dimmer or momentary headlight dimmer relay use original style terminals.

  • Steering column connection to the original Volkswagen steering column turn signal switch. Turn signal connections maintain original momentary headlight dimmer and “flash to pass” functions.

  • Additional turn signal and hazard flasher to accommodate LED front and rear turn signal lights.

  • Instrument cluster modification of the directional indicator light to accommodate LED white or colored bulbs. Necessary for low current draw and indexing required by LED bulbs.

  • Instrument Cluster wiring with connections for all warning lights using original style terminal connections.

  • Engine wiring includes feeds for the coil, oil pressure sender, generator (or alternator), voltage regulator, carburetor connections, starter, and optional wiring for a tachometer and engine temperature sender. Main power to the fuse panel is supplied through a heavy gauge feed and fusible link. All connections to components are provided with original style terminals.

  • Front lighting includes extra long leads that can be routed for stock or optional appearances. All headlight, parking light, and directional light leads are provided with original style terminals.

  • Rear body lighting to accommodate all bulb configurations for turn signal and braking. Circuits are designed to use either original incandescent bulbs or LED bulbs. Long length wires allow original or custom routing. Original style terminals are provided for direct connections to original tail light assemblies, license plate lights and backup lights.

  • Sender lead wires are provided for electric fuel tank sender units.

  • Detailed, full-color instructions are included.