Tach vs. No Tach

Most car enthusiasts love gauges, so it’s no shocker that one of the more common additions to a new instrument cluster is an aftermarket (or original-replacement) tachometer.

The AAW sales and R&D departments are populated with car people, so we made sure to account for the additional instrumentation with our Classic Update and universal harnesses.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 11.31.00 AM

Most factory or aftermarket ignition systems will send the tach signal from the negative side of the ignition coil. In these cases, you’ll use the white tach feed wire included with our harness to get the signal inside of the car.

Alternatively, if you aren’t using a tachometer, this wire will not be used. Our kit instructions (sample above) detail the function of both the 12 volt ignition and tach signal wires to allow the installer to attach as needed. It’s that simple!