Terminals vs. Connectors

People come up with some pretty creative names for those things at the end of a wire. Clips, plugs, connectors, lugs, pins….little silver metal things…

The name a matter of semantics, but our preferred term is “terminal.” This is important for a few reasons. One of which would be the item pictured below:

This is what would be considered a connector.

 Also known as the enclosure for the little silver metal things pictured above. Sometimes the two names are used interchangeably, which can be cause for confusion.

Knowing the difference in terminology can be handy if you’re attempting to describe one of these two items over the phone, or without a harness or parts in front of you. It can also help make sure you’re sourcing the correct replacement item or referencing the right section of an instruction sheet.

A minor detail for sure, but a quick tip to help move your project in the right direction. We’ll continue to cover more of the basics throughout the year, so be sure to check back often!