Testimonials from NSRA York 2010

“I’ve owned it [1966 Nova] for about 3 years and have replaced nearly everything. It has a 327 with a turbo 350 automatic transmission and limited slip rearend with 3.73 gears. I have tried to keep the appearance as original as possible while making it perform like a newer car. It has power disk brakes, rack and pinion steering and tubular control arms. It also has an electronic ignition and electric fan.

The wiring harness was original – brittle wires that has been spliced, cut, and everything else that can be done to wires over 44 years. I was afraid it would burn as it was, so it was time for a new harness. I’ve seen your harness on my favorite Speed Channel car shows and have read about it on the Nova forum. I looked at others, but they just didn’t compare. I have never done wiring before, so clear instructions were a must. I also wanted new connectors as I didn’t think the original would survive the removal. I watched your R&D video on You Tube and felt comfortable doing it myself. It took me about 8 hours total and everything worked the first time. Attached are some photos, but they are not great quality. Thanks again!!!”

Keith Everson
Dacula, Georgia