The new Factory Fit catalog is available NOW!

The studious looking gentleman inspecting the pallet loaded with books is Dave. He’s our Sales & Marketing manager. The book he’s reading is our brand new 2015 Factory Fit catalog. As you can see, we ordered a couple.

Those familiar with our product line know these catalogs contain listings for all of our original-replacement Factory Fit harnesses. While there may not be too many physical changes to reproduction wiring from the ‘50’s through the early ‘80’s, there are some new additions in every printing.

This year, we’ve added quite a few listings for the Corvair, and made countless (more subtle) tweaks to some of the thousands of part numbers to help with overall usability. Dave found the new edition so enchanting, he chose to read several from cover to cover while standing in the shop.

If you want to check out the changes firsthand, or just need a little light weekend reading material, you can always download the complete, updated book on our web site.