The show(s) must go on!

The 2015 show season has officially begun!

In 2014 we:

  • tried 3 new shows. Two of which we will be checking out again in 2015.

  • drove roughly 5,800 miles.

  • flew for approximately 53 hours.

  • conducted an emergency trailer wiring harness repair in Ohio. The irony was not lost on us, or anyone else who witnessed the issue.

  • experienced our first (And hopefully last!) company earthquake while traveling.

  • were named ARMO business of the year.

  • somehow picked up a very small cow on the top of our truck antenna.

    Thus far she has hitchhiked to Tennessee and Michigan. We don’t really know she came from, but her apparent willingness to remain attached as we cross the Walt Whitman bridge has made her at least a temporary addition to the show team. We can only assume her eventual departure will be as mysterious as her arrival.

    Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page for event information as we complete the rounds this year. We’re ready for an equally productive 2015!