1967-68 Mustang Wiper Motor Issue


Our tech and sales team received reports stating 1967-1968 Mustangs with 2 speed wipers without washers would fail to return to the park position when the wiper switch was turned off.


We assembled all of the 1968 Mustang parts, (wiper switch, motor and washer coordinator) tested them together, and were able to verify the concern. We concluded that the black/yellow wire (circuit W12) and the black wire (circuit W13) at the washer coordinator needed to be connected to bring full functionality to the system.

With these two wires connected, and the remaining two washer coordinator wires (red/blue and white) not connected, you have low speed, high speed and park. This means the dynamic brake function (what is responsible for electronically “locking” the motor in the park position) will function correctly.

Here are the assumptions for this resolution to work:

1. You have a 1967-68 Mustang.
2. You have our Classic Update kit.
3. You have a 2-speed wiper system.
4. You’ve connected our washer wiring to the wiper switch motor.
5. You realize that you won’t have a washer function.
6. You don’t connect to a washer coordinator.
7. You connect our wires W12 (black/yellow) and W13 (black) together.
8. Wires W7A (white/red) and W2A (red/blue) don’t get connected to anything.