Choosing The Correct Wiring Solution For Your Project

A problem well-stated is half solved.” Delco founder Charles Kettering was truly on to something with that one. Whether you’re dealing with an engine misfire or turn signals that won’t flash, automotive difficulties have a way of becoming easier to resolve once you’ve explored your options and you know where to focus. Finding the ideal wiring harness is no different.

American Autowire builds three distinct product lines, all of which work toward their own specific solution:

Factory Fit.

Factory Fit harnesses are made for GM vehicles using original engineering blueprints. This means they are plug and play replacements for the wiring installed in your vehicle on the factory assembly line. Each harness section (under-dash, rear body, etc) is available as an individual part number, the same way they would have been at a dealership parts department.

If you’re updating to a more modern high energy (12-volt) ignition system, or installing an internally regulated alternator American Autowire can also modify most engine and front harnesses for an easier installation.

With Factory Fit you have the ability to rewire one section of the car, or the entire vehicle. Harnesses route just like the originals, and each part comes assembled and ready to install. Just remove the original, plug in the replacement and you’re done!

Classic Update.

Pro-touring, restomod or pro-street. We understand not everyone wants to keep things original, and and modification goes by many names.Classic Update kits, however, can be summed up with one quick phrase; complete, vehicle-specific modified restoration wiring.

Update kits are designed to provide more available circuits than an original wiring set, including extra power feeds for options like aftermarket air-conditioning, power windows or even fuel injection.

All kits include a modern, ATO-style fuse boxes, along with the dash, engine compartment and rear body sections needed to completely replace your original harness. Extra-long wire lengths in engine compartment and rear body sections allow for custom routing, but correct original-style lamp sockets and connectors make your final installation simple.

You’re upgrading your car as well as your wiring….why reuse your old lamp sockets? Each Classic Update kit is designed to rewire a complete vehicle, headlight to taillight.

Highly modified and completely custom.

Need even more room to customize your street rod, race car or highly-modified classic? Sometimes stating the problem means making your own solution.

Our modular Highway kits allow you to change the mounting location of the fuse box, create custom routing and build the harness section by section to suit your car. American Autowire also manufactures several equally expandable under-dash style kits in our Power Plus and Builder fuse boxes.

Each custom harness also comes complete, with all the sections needed to rewire a full vehicle chassis. Larger capacity panels, such as the Highway 22, Power Plus 20 and Builder 19 are perfect for electrically intensive cars. Track only, rat rod or a basic street rods will find the Highway 15 or Power Plus 13 kits more than adequate to address all the must have items, with a little extra room for accessories down the line.

Every car needs wiring, no matter how basic or advanced. Identifying the correct wiring resolution for your build helps ensure the rest of the project falls into place one circuit, or turn of a wrench at a time.