510599 Severe Duty Relay Panel

Severe Duty Weatherproof Relay Panel

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The new Severe Duty Relay Panel is a weatherproof system designed for driving all of your power accessories in rugged environments. It features an all new compact fully sealed enclosure that houses 8, 35 amp relays that are ground triggered. The kit includes:

  • All new fully sealed relay box that is rated to 180 amps of total output for all of your power
  • Features 8 35 amp relays each protected by 30 amps fuses.
  • Comes with 5 fully sealed connectors. 2 for input power, and 3 for output circuits.
  • There are 8 normally open, ground activated, circuits. There are also 6 normally closed,
  • Comes with plenty of tough GXL wire in assorted colors and various gauge sizes
  • Includes all the terminals, seals, and cavity plugs for unused circuits to keep your connections weatherproof

This Severe Duty Relay Panel is part number 510599, and will be available on Dec 21, 2015.