We have ALMOST everything…

We are fortunate enough to own all the GM tooling required to manufacture an astounding number of harnesses in our catalog….unfortunately, we don’t own every piece ever made.

This really only comes into play when you have one of the following vehicles, and are in need of Factory Fit replacement engine, front light or dash harnesses:

Early Cutlass from 1964 – 1967

Fullsize Oldsmobile in 1958, or Tornado from 1966 to 1970

Fullsize Pontiac from 1959 – 1967

Cadillac from 1957 – 1970

There are also a few engine/front light or otherwise oddball (mostly dash-related) connectors that require an original donor, but these will also be an exception to the normal rule.

If we’re missing something small, like an ignition switch connector or a door boot, we can always build and ship the harness with an identification tag letting you know where to install your original part. Items requiring your original parts for the build will include a note similar to those listed below.

If you have a harness that requires AAW to reuse an original part, it’s best to place your order via phone. This way a sales team member can set up a return authorization and inspection in order to ensure the original is safe to use as part of a new harness.

We’ll cover some tips to help identify whether or not your fuse box is a good candidate for a rebuild next time.