We want your pics!

Winter can be a little lonely in NJ. It’s cold, and the only projects we see might be in our own driveway or garage.

We’ve recently heard rumor that some parts of the world stay warm almost all year. Since we’re not really familiar with that concept, we’ve started searching for proof of life during the more frigid months.

If you’ve ever taken a quick look at our Facebook page, it becomes clear we go to some pretty phenomenal car shows. The upcoming cold weather season brings on an annual automotive hibernation. We need something to tide us over until we can thaw.

Using our wiring? Email me your photos! Finished or in progress, we’re always interested to who is installing what, and you may just find your photos on our Facebook. If you’re the guy working in a gravel driveway in 25 degree weather, (Surely none of us here would be senseless enough to engage in the kind of activity!) we want to see your car, too!