What do I need when I call Tech Support?

“The powers of a man’s mind are directly proportional to the quantity of coffee he drank.”  – Sir James MacKintosh

Our sales and tech support team drink quite a bit of coffee. If you have an installation or product-related question, you can call any time.

With that said, no matter how much coffee we drink, there are still a few things on your end that can help speed up a tech support or fact finding call:

– It’s always helpful to have your invoice or part number available. We manufacture several different styles of harness, so our part number goes a long way toward helping us answer your questions accurately.

– If you run into a question while finishing an install, we may need you to be with your vehicle to run a few live tests. Keep your test light handy!

– If you’re installing a Classic Update, we may ask you to refer to your instructions. Wiring can be a little tricky to visualize without something in front of you, so they are a great resource. Can’t find them? You can download Classic Update instructions on our web site.

– Working on a fresh restoration? You’ll need to know the basic equipment installed in your car. This would include gauges/warning lights, as well as transmission type and any power options.

Making sure we have those few points covered can help us get you back to wiring as quickly as possible!