What do we do?

Every once in a while at one of the many trade shows we attend, someone looks at the bright yellow ‘55 Chevy graphic featured on the backdrop of our display with a very specific gleam of curiosity in their eyes. At that point, their pace slows, and they walk up to the booth in order to ask a question may be a little deeper than they realize….

“What do you guys do exactly?”

The mission statement (and the truth of the matter) is that, “American Autowire manufactures the industry’s best OEM restoration, modified restoration and universal wiring systems.”

That’s a great way to sum up a complicated product, but it often leads to a few questions about what kind of harnesses we build. The immediate answer is that we’re currently more focused on electrical harnesses rather than electronic items.

The difference? In a word, size.

Electronic add-on items tend to be full of circuit boards, capacitors and transistors. It’s not to say that we don’t have a handful of these in our catalog, (Our living, breathing product line changes frequently…if you don’t see it don’t be scared to ask!) but we have more of a focus on manufacturing electrical harnesses.

To stick with an appropriate analogy, we are the power company running the main service to your house, but in the restomod and universal kits we leave the type of television plugged into the wall entirely up to you.