What is the “LifeLine”?

Maybe you’re not lucky enough to drive your fuel injected beast of a hot rod every day. If that’s the case, your car may occasionally need to rest in the safety of a garage.

There could be a host of reasons (anti-theft, safety regulations, or simply to keep your battery alive and well) you’d add a battery disconnect to keep things cranking when it’s time to cruise.

As we all know, radios, clocks, fuel injection and a disconnected battery do not mix. The Lifeline Memory Retention System takes the headache out of long-term storage. The Lifeline jumper allows several amps to trickle through a self-resetting circuit breaker. This provides just enough juice to keep an ECM alive, but not enough to actually start a car.

Any attempt to start a Lifeline-equipped vehicle will trip the breaker, immediately killing power to the starting system. Once the internal breaker cools, the Lifeline will once again function as normal. No fuses to swap, or additional maintenance needed!

Check out our YouTube page to see the Lifeline up close!