When your steering wheel is on the RIGHT side…

This one is fairly common from some of our international customers:

“I own a right side drive vehicle. Will your Classic Update or Factory Fit harnesses work for my car.”

Unfortunately, the short answer is no.

Both the Classic Update and Factory Fit dash harnesses are designed to mount near or in the factory location. Since both options are pre-built, installers attempting to work the kit into a RHD car would find some significant wire length differences. We don’t recommend modifying a new harness in an attempt to make things work.

The longer answer is that we still have an excellent solution for your project.

Our Highway 15 and Highway 22 kits can be installed on either side of the dash….or in a kickpanel…or under a seat…..the trunk could also work….

You probably see the theme here is adaptability. The Highway kits use the same pre-labeled GXL wire found in the Updates, and still include complete instructions to help you along with your harness replacement.

As any seasoned hot rodder will tell you, the ability to customize is a beautiful thing!